Rosslyn Chapel, eight miles south of Edinburgh, has captured the imagination of many in recent years. This extraordinary building, dating from the fifteenth century, has long been a place of pilgrimage for people with widely differing interests, whether historical, architectural or spiritual.

P.L. Snow has for many years been gathering the stories that are represented by the numerous carvings inside and outside the chapel building. Many of the carvings, eroded by the years or damaged by vandalism during the Reformation, have been lovingly restored over time. They are eloquent illustrations of the biblical, historical and legendary tales that they represent.

This book traces themes of transformation and metamorphosis through inward endeavour, and will be fascinating for anyone interested in stories from the beginnings of the world, Ancient Egypt, the Holy Land, Celtic myth and Scottish history.

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The Shifty Lad, as his name suggests, had a way with him about escaping from tricky situations. In these delightful and amusing tales of roguery and cunning, we learn about his childhood, how he longed to become a thief, and his career among the villains of the highways and byways.

We learn how he outwitted the Dark Stranger, and saved his own life through the gift of storytelling.

The stories the Shifty Lad tells come from the Celtic cultures of Scotland, Ireland and Wales. But as part of the great tradition of folktales, they are stories about the nature of humankind, stories that touch our feelings and make us laugh.

Older children and adults alike will enjoy the Shifty Lad's spirited charm and this lively collection of Celtic folktales.

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