Peter Snow

Storyteller, Story Coach
Education consultant


"I’ve been fortunate enough to see many, many storytellers in my time.  Peter Snow is one of the finest I know.  What makes Peter’s telling truly special is the combination of his dagger-sharp intelligence and his warm, gentle, generous heart.  He has a fatherly quality, like the best kind of schoolteacher, that makes the audience feel welcome, safe, valued and ready to journey with him into the story.  As we journey, his insight into the immeasurable depth and richness of the great stories allows us to truly inhabit the tale, letting go of our defences and meeting the story with open hearts.  I can’t recommend him highly enough."

--Daniel Allison, storyteller

"Peter's a storyteller with a repertoire for any occasion.  He can be unspeakably funny but equally profound.  His years of teaching and directing bring a professionalism to his tellings both polished and poignant.  His deep interest in our humanity has also helped people make sense of their own life stories. Whether leading a workshop, sharing his life wisdom, or simply bringing you delightful stories, you will count yourself lucky to have known him."

--Ashley Ramsden, Directing Founder of the School of Storytelling, Emerson College

"Peter’s passion for storytelling runs deep, nourished in great part by his vast knowledge and love of literature.  And he is a natural storyteller at ease in front of an audience young and old.  Peter brings stories to life through his appreciation for the life of the writer and his understanding of the nuances of language.  To these, he adds his mastery of voice, invigorating a story through his entertaining use of dialect, accent, and vocal inflections.  Peter can make audiences laugh and weep in wonder, sometimes all within the same story."
--Michael Williams, storyteller, coach, teacher, radio host

"I was studying for a Master’s degree in traditional oral storytelling in a forensic mental health setting at the University of South Wales, UK.  The final dissertation was difficult and detailed and very focused on a small area of storytelling. Peter helped me hugely! He was the ideal person to turn to. He is a superb storyteller. It was such a pleasure being able to work with Peter in this way and with his support I was able to get a good mark for my dissertation!"

--Jess Wilson, storytelling therapist

"Peter is a mesmerizing teller—his voice draws you into his tales and his passion for telling is infectious.  From traditional myths to cheeky and humorous tales, Peter has a story for everyone.  He will have you sitting on the edge of your seat in suspense or make your ribs ache from laughing so hard.  I could listen to him tell tales all day long."


--Calum Lykan, storyteller, narrative consultant